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Renovation, rehabilitation and upgrading works for Wadi Degla Protected Area main entrance toilet
رفع كفاءة باحثي المحميات للتعامل مع الحالات الطارئة
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This report was done through strengthening Protected Areas Financing and Management Project, fu
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Saint Katherine

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Saint Katherine protected Area in South Sinai

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Date of Announcement: 1988 
Area: 5750 Km2
Type : World cultural and Natural heritage protected area 
Distance from Cairo: 550 Km 

The Area is characterized by the highest mountain tops in Egypt. These tops were the result of that great tectonic movement called the Great African Rift that occurred 24 Million years ago and led to the creation of the Red Sea and the Aqaba Gulf, which became the attraction of tourists from all over the world. Saint Katherine Protected Area has abundant natural riches and cultural heritage. It has a natural habitat for several plants and animals. For example: 
Wild Life
Mammals like the Nubian Ibex, Drocas - Gazalla Egyptian deer, hyrax, Sinai tiger, wolf, hyena, fox, lizard, hedgehog, echinate rat, and jerboa etc. There are 27 species of reptiles like serpents, vipro dab lizards, monitor lizards, and snakes etc. 
Plant Life
The Area also has 22-28 species that are exist only in Sinai like , samm, Habaq, sorrel wood, thyme, worm wood, buck thorn, tarfa, sakaraan , Ba'ataran and other medical and poisonous plants. 
Ancient Heritage
There are a lot of churches and monasteries like St. Katherine Monastery, and relics from the Byzantine, Pharaonic and later eras. 
The Area is very high and has the highest mountains in Egypt like St. Katherine, Serbal, Um Shomer, Thabet, mountainous scenery, oases around water springs and wells that are unique attractions worldwide. 

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