TEEB for Local and Regional Policy Makers Report


Part I: The Opportunity
           Chapter 1: The Value of Nature for Local Development
Part II: The Tools
          Chapter 2: Conceptual Frameworks for Considering the Benefits of Nature
           Chapter 3: Tools for Valuation and Appraisal of Ecosystem Services in Policy Making
Part IIIa: The Practice
           Chapter 4: Ecosystem Services in Cities and Public Management
           Chapter 5: Ecosystem Services in Rural Areas and Natural Resource Management
           Chapter 6: Spatial Planning and Environmental Assessments
Part IIIb: The Practice
           Chapter 7: Ecosystem Services and Protected Areas
           Chapter 8: Payments for Ecosystem Services and Conservation Banking
           Chapter 9: Certification and Labelling
Part IV: Conclusion
           Chapter 10: Making Your Natural Capital Work for Local Development
           Tools and Databases
           Glossary and abbreviations