TEEB for Policy Makers Draft Chapters


TEEB for Policy Makers Summary document

The full report:
Part I              The need for action
Chapter 1         The global biodiversity crisis and related policy challenge
Chapter 2         Framework and guiding principles for the policy response
Part II             Measuring what we manage: information tools for decision-makers
Chapter 3         Strengthening indicators and accounting systems for natural capital
Chapter 4         Integrating ecosystem and biodiversity values into policy assessment
Part III           Available solutions: instruments for better stewardship of natural capital
Chapter 5        Rewarding benefits through payments and markets
Chapter 6        Reforming subsidies
Chapter 7        Addressing losses through regulation and pricing
Chapter 8        Recognising the value of protected areas
Chapter 9        Investing in ecological infrastructure
Part IV            The road ahead
Chapter 10       Responding to the value of nature

To contact the TEEB for Policy Makers co-ordinator, please e-mail  Patrick ten Brink